Brand Management

BrandManagementWe are the industry branding experts. Our extensive portfolio of successful brands cover an incredibly wide range of diverse markets. With dedicated marketing staff and design departments, we ensure that each brand is unique, delivers impact, has a loyal media & consumer following and maximises sales for our customers.

The Jenclare speciality is developing exclusive brands for our customers, tailored specifically to meet their consumer profiles. We manage all aspects of a brand’s design, development and maintenance, ensuring it is always presented perfectly in store.

Jenclare pride ourselves in offering a personal customer service for each of our brands whether licensed, own label or Jenclare owned. ¬†Consumers are always welcome to contact us anytime for advice and product comments and they will receive our undivided attention. ¬†Our customer’s shoppers are important to us… they are important brand ambassadors, helping to keep our brands forever strong.