Our Responsibilities

Committed to ethical trading

Jenclare have a strict ETHICAL trading policy. We treat all our customers and suppliers the way we would wish to be treated. We mirror the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code so you can be sure we are 100% committed to ethical sourcing of our products. We pride ourselves in providing all our staff with fair wages, a safe working environment and do our best to ensure their well being, no matter where in the world they are located.

Environmentally responsible

We are ISO14001 environmentally accredited. Our customers can rest assured we take responsibility to protect the environment seriously and will always ensure our business is environmentally responsible.  

Celebrate diversity

We are a non discriminating, equal opportunity workplace and have strict staff well being guidelines in place. We welcome people with disabilities and different backgrounds. Our business is made stronger by our diverse make-up of people from different walks of life.

Together we celebrate what Jenclare accomplishes and capitalise on the diverse range of skills, qualities and cultural backgrounds of our people. This enables us to raise the bar higher and ensure Jenclare’s continued success.

Social contributions

Jenclare is heavily involved in the local community, supporting charities, donating both products and funds and we are always looking for opportunities to make sure we are giving back to the community.