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Is it time for a new hairbrush?!

How long does a hairbrush really last, and how often should you be cleaning it?

Hairbrushes are one of the most important tools you have to keep your hair in top form, yet so many of us seem to hang on to that 10 year old hair brush, because well why should you replace it?

Mila Rose Collection Paddle Brush

A brush should have clean, straight pins with with all the pin covers intact

Your hairbrush is a staple that not only styles and detangles your hair, but stimulates your scalp and distributes natural oils to keep your hair looking healthy. Many modern hair brushes now offer several types of professional technologies to get the very best from your hair! Choosing a brush that feels comfortable and suits your hair type is very important if you want your hair to look as good as possible. But you can’t just find that one brush and stick with it for years and years, your brush ages and your hair changes!

So when should you replace your hairbrush? We would recommend every 6-12 months, depending on how often you use it.

If you’re wondering whether your brush is ready for replacement take a close look at it. If the bristles are looking a bit worn or discoloured, are missing some of the protective tips or bent out of shape it is definitely time for a new brush. Old, worn

Round brushes used with heated appliances need replacing more often.

Round brushes used with heated appliances need replacing more often.

bristles can damage your hair cuticle, resulting in lifeless, damaged hair. Even if your hairbrush looks fairly ok, chances are that after 12-18 months general wear and tear will mean your brush needs to retire. If you blow dry your hair with a brush you need to be extra vigilant as the lifespan of those tends to be even shorter. Keep in mind that if your hair is very thick a brush will probably wear out faster than if you’ve got thinner hair.

The good news is that taking good care of your brush can really extend its lifetime! Product, natural oils and bacteria builds up on your brush if you don’t clean it, so every time you brush you are essentially distributing dirt through your hair. Dirty brushes can make clean hair look oily, dirty and weighed down. Your hair can even snag on bits of dry product, causing breakage.

So how do you keep your brush in top shape? If hair starts to build up on the brush, gently remove it with a wide toothed comb. This should ideally be done after each use, but at the very least weekly. How often you properly clean your brush depends on how much you use it. A good rule of thumb is once a month, but if you use a large amount of products and dry shampoo or tend to wash your hair less often, then washing your hairbrush every other week is recommended . The best way to clean your brush is dipping it into soapy, lukewarm water and gently scrubbing the bristles without bending them. A small children’s toothbrush can be helpful to properly, but gently clean large amounts of build-up. Don’t soak the brush, simply dip, scrub, shake and leave to air dry.


Easy way to curl hair!

It’s almost summer now and time to bring out those loose, gorgeous waves! There are so many ways to curl hair, we are loving this extra easy tutorial for BIG wavy curls!

AB backcombing tutorial small

  1. Dampen your hair slightly. Section it into 3-5 sections, depending on how thick your hair is, and carefully plait each section into tight normal plaits.
  2. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can either leave the plaits to dry naturally, even sleep on them, or use a hair-dryer at a low setting to dry them. We used a hair-dryer this time to save time!
  3.  Now we want to add some volume at the top too! Start by sectioning your hair with the bottom part of the Andrew Barton I love volume backcombing brush , leaving out the very top of your hair to smooth over your when you finish. A backcombing brush is gentler on your hair and adds soft, natural looking volume. Pull about an inch of your hair upwards and slowly brush downwards, adding volume as you go. Repeat this for all of your hair for maximum lift and finish off by adding hairspray.
  4. VOILA! Gorgeous wavy hair, minimal effort and no heat damage!


How to wear barette hair accessories?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with how to style your hair accessories, barrette’s tend to be worn vertically across your hair, but have you ever tried wearing it horizontally? We are loving this fresh new way to spice up your barrette for spring! Check out these options on how to wear the Mila Collection Diamante Barrette  and the Mila Rose Collection Tort claws! Mila Rose Barrette Hair accessories

Hair accessories are a classic, in for every season but for 2016 they have an extra strong presence! Many of the key designers such as Marc Jacobs have used accessories in their catwalk shows, so this everlasting hair-trend is really making a MASSIVE comeback.

hair accessories - Marc Jacobs

Edgy topknot tutorial!

Both Rita Ora and Katie Price have rocked cool, edgy topknot looks. These are easy to copy and brilliant for an effortless, modern and elegant look with this edgy topknot tutorial!

  1. Start by putting your hair in a high ponytail and securing with quality ponybands such as the Mila Rose snagfree ponybands from asda!
  2. Seperate about a one inch section from your ponytail and put it to the side.
  3. Grab the thicker portion of the ponytail and twist it around several times until it folds over itself to create a topknot. Grip down the hair into the shape shown in photo leaving the ends free.
  4. Pull the ends into the shape you want and heavily spray with extra strong hairspray!

topknot style

Backcombing without damage

Untitled-5A good back-comb is definitely one of the main tricks celebrities and hairdressers use to create big, voluminous hair and to keep hairstyles in place! But there’s a price to pay, if you aren’t careful you risk damaging your precious locks and making them look lifeless limp in the long run! Check out these tips 5022852037107on how to achieve the results you want without risking your hair health!

Wash your hair with volume boosting shampoo and conditioner and add some quality product, without product even the most vigilant backcombers won’t keep their look for long. Apply a generous portion of hair moose and distribute it evenly through your hair before drying. Moose doesn’t dry out your hair as much as regular use of hairspray will do so this also means you don’t have to go overboard with the hairspray!

Make sure you use the right tools, a professional backcombing brush will really help reduce any possible damage! We are using the Andrew Barton Backcombing brush, stiff bristles of varying lengths add texture at the root without damaging hair, whilst the fine pointed handle is excellent for styling and sectioning off hair.

Section your hair into manageable portions  and pull a lock straight up
towards the ceiling. Using the backcombing brush gently comb down your hair towards your scalp in one gentle motion, holding the end of your hair with your other hand. Make sure you are very gentle, harsh backcombing can really damage your hair, also avoid repeatedly backcombing the same locks of hair, this will damage your hair much more than just sliding through it once.

Consider just backcombing the roots to add some volume, this is much gentler on your hair than doing the whole length of your hair .

When you have backcombed sufficiently, add a bit of dry shampoo for extra volume and spray a small amount of hairspray over your hair to keep everything in place!
Take your vitamins and eat your vegetables. B12 prevents hairloss and thinning, make sure you are getting plenty of that. Fish oil can help you retain a healthy level of shine and moisture in your hair and making sure you have a balanced, healthy diet with lots of greens, you will give your hair a boost that strengthens it and helps it tolerate frequent backcombing without damage.

Twist ponytail tutorial

Some days all you want to do is throw your hair up in a ponytail and run out the door! But if you still want to look a bit put together and there’s a different way to put your hair up that looks more elegant and sleek, but doesn’t require much added work and is surprisingly easy! Try out this easy to create Twist ponytail tutorial!

1. Put your hair in a low ponytail, leaving a couple of inches of hair on each side of your face

2. Pull the loose strands of hair back towards your ponytail and cross it over

3. Use the Mila Rose pony band to fasten the strands under your ponytail and hide it underneath!




How to blow-dry your hair?

For most people it’s about more than just dry hair, you want volume, lift, shine and all the amazing things your  hairdresser does when you’re in the magic chair! You can use little trix like we talked about in our extra volume for thin hair post, but there are also a few easy to follow tips to help you get amazing hair, right at home and fix some of the bad hair drying habits you may have accumulated through the years! Here are 8 mistakes you might be making when you’re blow-drying your hair and tips for how to blow-dry your hair the right way!

You wash your hair wrong

Of course you know how to wash your hair, but if you want to get even more volume try using a volumising formula shampoo. This will leave your hair light and airy and ready for styling. Make sure you condition carefully and rinse it out well as leftover conditioner and shampoo are often what are causing dull, lifeless hair.

Your hair is too wetl1

You shouldn’t start heat styling your hair when it’s dripping wet! Gently dry your hair with a micro fibre towel or old t-shirt and then blast blow dry it, brushing through it with your hands, without a nozzle until it’s about 65% dry.

You’re drying it all at once

You should be sectioning! If you’ve got thick hair, 4-6 sections are the way to go. For thinner hair 2-4 should be enough. Use sectioning clips to hold your hair up and make sure you’ve completely detangled before you start drying.

5022852037046_T1You’re not using the right brush

This is a key element! There are plenty of choices depending on what results you want to achieve. If you want big volume go for a big round barrel brush. The bigger the better. For smooth and straight use a big paddle and if you are in a rush go for a vent brush. If you have a tendency to get frizzy hair, look for a brush with anti static technology like Argan oil infused or ionic, tourmaline technology!

You’re forgetting your nuzzlel3

The nozzle attaches to your hairdryer at the front and it really is MAGIC! It concentrates the heat on your cuticles which is what you need to achieve a smooth finish. Pop this on when your hair is about 65% dry and complete the job with a brush.

You’re focusing on your ends

You should be working on your roots!! They are what make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. Use a good barrel brush like the Andrew Barton hold it right there that is concaved shaped to lay snugly up against your scalp to get the biggest root lift

You’re not using the right products

Or your using to much! Or to little! In fact product can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on your hair type. The one product everyone should use each time is heat protection. A good quality heat protection spray protects your hair from drying out and prevents premature split ends. For added lift focus your product on the roots, if you apply it to the ends it will weigh it down. If you like to finish with hairspray make sure you hold it far from your head and only lightly spray as to much hairspray will weigh down your style.

You’re in to much of a hurry!l2

Even if you have no time at ALL you have to let your hair cool down before you move to the next section! It will allow the hair to cool in place, which helps it hold its shape in place all day. So blow-dry a section, let it set for a few seconds and then move on to the next one!

You’re forgetting the cold blast!

Your hairdryer should have a cold air button! This locks in moisture and sets your hairstyle even further. This is a very important step, not to be skipped if you want to learn how to blow dry your hair!


Bubble ponytail



This great edgy bubble ponytail is created using Mila Rose hair accessories! Start by creating a normal ponytail with a Mila Rose thick ponyband, back comb a small section of hair and secure with a transparent plastic bobble, creating a round shape. Repeat several times, depending on the length of your hair. Using your hands pull the bubbles apart to create an even rounder shape and finish with hairspray!