Easy way to curl hair!

It’s almost summer now and time to bring out those loose, gorgeous waves! There are so many ways to curl hair, we are loving this extra easy tutorial for BIG wavy curls!

AB backcombing tutorial small

  1. Dampen your hair slightly. Section it into 3-5 sections, depending on how thick your hair is, and carefully plait each section into tight normal plaits.
  2. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can either leave the plaits to dry naturally, even sleep on them, or use a hair-dryer at a low setting to dry them. We used a hair-dryer this time to save time!
  3.  Now we want to add some volume at the top too! Start by sectioning your hair with the bottom part of the Andrew Barton I love volume backcombing brush , leaving out the very top of your hair to smooth over your when you finish. A backcombing brush is gentler on your hair and adds soft, natural looking volume. Pull about an inch of your hair upwards and slowly brush downwards, adding volume as you go. Repeat this for all of your hair for maximum lift and finish off by adding hairspray.
  4. VOILA! Gorgeous wavy hair, minimal effort and no heat damage!


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